People-powering the open science revolution

Scholarly publishing is broken

The scholarly publishing system is inefficient, expensive, and promotes questionable research practices. Intense competition between researchers discourages us from embracing solutions to these problems ('Open Science'), for fear we might risk our careers in the process. Our mission is to ‘kickstart’ progress by first organising a critical mass of support for certain Open Science practices (e.g. Open Access publishing), and then acting in a coordinated fashion to instantiate these practices as a new cultural norm.

Together we can fix academia

Join the movement by pledging your support for each of the research practices below. For each campaign, you will select a 'support threshold' that determines when your pledge becomes active and deanonymised, thus preventing any risk to your career until you have the support of your research community.

Green Open Access
Researchers should be able to share their findings with the community as soon as they are ready, but some publishers place embargoes on preprints (e.g. 12 months), don't allow preprints to include ...
Gold Open Access
Publicly-funded research should be free to read and reuse (Open Access), but many journals place articles behind expensive paywalls. At the individual level, many researchers feel compelled to supp...
Platinum Open Access
This campaign will support journals that are free to read AND free to publish in.