We believe in creating a better system that works for all scholars, but we need your help! If you'd like to collaborate on the project, please get in touch via emailtwitterfacebook, or github. Here are some ways you can contribute:

Financial contributions. We are a researcher-driven initiative and currently 100% self-funded. If you can afford a few dollars to sponsor our platform development, please donate here

Ambassadors. We're looking for people who can help spread the word to friends and colleagues within their institutions and research fields (e.g. via presentations, social media, and casual discussions).

Communications and marketing. We're looking for skilled communicator/s who can help spread the word about this project (e.g. via social media, blogs, articles, and advertising), particularly those with links to the health research community.

Data management. We'll be collecting large numbers of pledges with this project and need to keep that information confidential but also amenable to various analyses. As such, we're looking for people with experience organising and securing confidential data.

Software development. There's plenty to do on both the front- and back-end software development. We need to develop code to compute and display support metrics on the website (coded in Python and SQL) and code to coordinate pledge activation when various support thresholds are crossed (Python).

UX design. The current platform is in a minimal viable product state, and we're looking for collaborators to help redesign and develop the user experience (coded in Python/Django)

Metascience. As the data comes in, it will be useful to analyse it along various dimensions to gauge community support (e.g. researcher career-level, country, institution, etc.). These analyses will then be displayed on the website and contribute to publications and blogs describing the platform usage.