Green Open Access


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Preprints are a fast and cost-effective way to make findings openly available ('Green Open Access'). Some publishers discourage preprints by delaying their sharing ('embargoes') or forbidding their updating after peer-review ('post-print' or 'author accepted manuscript'). If a critical mass of researchers were to unanimously declare their intention to share pre- and post-prints, however, publishers would be compelled to endorse these practices or lose the value donated to them by the research community.


  1. Every time you publish an article closed access (i.e., in a paywalled journal), deposit the final peer-reviewed preprint (i.e., 'postprint') in an indexed repository immediately (i.e., without embargo)
  2. Every time you review, only review for journals that allow post-prints to be shared without embargo (i.e., 'Green' journals on Sherpa/Romeo)

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