Green Open Access


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Researchers should be able to share their findings with the community as soon as they are ready, but some publishers place embargoes on preprints (e.g. 12 months), don't allow preprints to include changes made during the peer-review process ('post-print' or 'author accepted manuscript'), or simply refuse to publish articles that have been previously shared as preprints. These policies discourage researchers from sharing preprints, many of whom fear that doing so might cost them a publication in a prestigious journal. If the research community were to coordinate our efforts and pledge en masse to make post-prints available for every article we publish, however, publishers would be pressured to update their policies or risk losing all of the value that we currently provide. In turn, this would allow the research community to develop and support secondary layers of direct peer-to-peer review (e.g. overlay journals), which could significantly drive down costs and increase the efficiency of the scholarly communication system.


By joining this campaign, you pledge to deposit the final peer-reviewed version (post-print, or author accepted manuscript) of every article you publish in an indexed repository without embargo. You also pledge to only review articles for RoMEO green journals, i.e. those that allow post-prints to be shared without embargo.
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