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Publicly-funded research should be free to read and reuse (Open Access), but many journals place articles behind expensive paywalls. At the individual level, many researchers feel compelled to support these journals because their associated 'prestige' is important for career progression in academia. As a whole, however, the research community creates and actively maintains the reputation of these journals, and so a widespread and simultaneous statement of exclusive support for Open Access journals would bolster the (expected) prestige of these journals, decrease the incentive to publish in paywalled journals, and allow the community to transition the value we provide with minimal risk to individual researchers.


By joining this campaign, you pledge to exclusively publish in, and review for, free-to-read journals that are listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals. Note that both the "author pays" (or "author processing charge") and "no-fee" Gold Open Access models are compliant with this pledge (to support the latter, more progressive model, please make a pledge to the "Platinum Open Access" campaign). 
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